New App-like Outlook Features Added to Hotmail

Microsoft today announced an updated Hotmail that utilizes some of the latest Outlook features. Hotmail has better keyboard shortcuts and numerous other enhancements to make your email reading experience better than before.

“As we think about features to add to Hotmail, one of the things we look at is how customers are using other mail apps like Outlook, and if some of the things they love about those apps would also be valuable in Hotmail. Today, we’re excited to tell you about some of the latest Outlook features that we’ve added to Hotmail – giving it even more of the power of your apps,” said Dick Craddock on the Windows Team Blog.

Hotmail now has some cool new keyboard shortcuts just like Outlook. “When you right-click a message in your inbox, you’ll see a new menu that allows you to Reply, Reply all, or Forward the message. This expands on other right-click actions that Hotmail already supported like Mark as unread, Delete, Junk, Move, and View message source.”

Just like Outlook, Hotmail users can now set a default font and personal signature for all email messages. Hotmail now has an improved Back button and an improved method of how attachments get saved within email drafts.

Hotmail also gained speed improvements with this new update and has utilized HTML5 to make the email reading experience better.

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