New ad shows how Surface devices can help in any career

It may be the back to school season, but now is the time for many to plan for and pick their future careers. In a new ad from Microsoft UK, British vlogger Doug Armstrong guides a woman through a wide range of job options for her future. The showed careers include everything from journalist, to game developer, to zombie makeup artist and more. There’s one thing that people with these jobs have in common in the advert, they’re using Surface devices.

There are a seemingly infinite number of careers and jobs that people can pursue. With this latest ad, Microsoft is trying to convince people that regardless of their industry, they can use a Surface device. That doesn’t seem to be much of a stretch either. The Surface Pro 3 is widely successful across multiple different types of business and is heavily marketed towards students. Thanks to Microsoft vastly improving the Surface Pro 3 over its previous versions, the introduction of the solid Surface 3, and a good marketing campaign, The Surface line has become one of the strengths of Microsoft hardware.

Edit: The original article referred to all of the Surface devices as Surface Pro 3s. Upon further review, we noticed that the advertisement featured both the Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3.

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