Nevermind: reports that HP is ending Elite X3 sales were wrong, will continue until 2019

Laurent Giret

HP Elite X3 Lap Dock

Earlier today, German website Windows Latest reported that sales of the HP Elite x3 would end in November, something that Windows Central also heard about. As it turns out, reports of the HP Elite x3’s death have been greatly exaggerated: the company replied back to Windows Central today to share that sales would actually continue through 2019.

Here is the company’s full statement below:

HP is always responding to customer feedback to deliver the best product experiences. We remain committed to our mobility strategy and vision and will sell the Elite x3 through 2019 while continuing to enhance our portfolio delivering multi-OS devices, accessories and workflow transformation solutions. Mobility is an exciting and rapidly evolving area, and HP will continue to explore ways to address our customers’ mobile computing needs.

HP Elite x3 prototype MWC 2017
HP briefly showcased a new Windows 10 Mobile prototype during Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

This is really good news for consumers and business users who may want to purchase the premium handset, which remains quite expensive, but definitely still available one year after its launch. Now, it will be interesting to see if HP being “committed to our mobility strategy and vision” means that the company will stick with Windows 10 Mobile for future handsets. This year, Samsung showed with Dex that it was possible to use Android to create a good alternative to Microsoft’s Continuum desktop-like functionality, HP can’t possibly ignore it.

Do you expect HP to remain committed to Windows 10 Mobile going forward, or do you see using Android as an alternative for new 3-in-1 mobile devices? Sound off in the comments below.