NetMarketShare: Windows Phone continues to struggle as market shares drop across the board

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NetMarketShare, a globally recognised and trusted technology statistics company, has released its statistics of browser and operating system share for November 2016. These numbers show some marginal changes for Microsoft’s share in both the mobile and desktop markets, and do a good job of keeping us updated on how things are going for the company’s presence in the tech community.

Browser Market Share November 2016

Microsoft’s share for desktop browsers went from a collective 28.39% (combining Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer) to a collective 26.87%, marking a slight drop in use. The brunt of the hit came from Internet Explorer, which could very likely be the result of Microsoft’s cold shoulder to the browser since Microsoft Edge became its biggest and best offering. Chrome remains the most popular choice among the vast majority of desktop users, with Internet Explorer coming in second and Firefox in third.

NetMarketShare’s November 2016 desktop browser numbers

Desktop Market Share November 2016

Microsoft’s share of the desktop market dropped from 91.39% to 90.95 this month, showing a fairly negligible shift in the state of desktop operating systems. Windows remains to be the preference of over 90% of people who use computers, with Mac and Linux grabbing around 7% and 3% of the remainder, respectively.

NetMarketShare’s November 2016 desktop operating system numbers


Mobile Market Share November 2016

Unsurprisingly, Windows Phone is not in particularly good shape right now. Windows Phone clung to about 1.95% of the mobile OS market share back in October, and this month that number has dropped down to 1.75 – not a huge shift in the grand scheme of things, but still a big chunk of a small number. Android remains heavily in the lead, going from 68.54% to 68.67%, and iOS dropped from 25.78% to 25.71%.

NetMarketShare’s November 2016 mobile operating system numbers

Microsoft’s numbers haven’t changed all that much since last month, although the decline of Windows Phone’s market share remains apparent in just about every look at these statistics that we ge With rumors circulating about the release of a Surface Phone approaching with Redstone 3 in late 2017, it seems like Microsoft is looking to try and rescue its mobile operating system as soon as it possibly can. It remains to be seen whether or not Microsoft can do anything about the Windows Phone Market – or if they’re even particularly interested in doing so – but it seems like we only have another year left before we find out for sure.

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