Microsoft Edge sees slight increase, while Internet Explorer's market share continues decline

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NetMarketShare has released its latest market share figures for desktop browsers. This month, there's been little change. All browsers saw minimal changes in their share, however, it does show the overall direction that the browsers are heading in.

Looking at Microsoft Edge, Microsoft's latest web browser with Windows 10, its share increased to 5.61%, an increase of 0.06%. This continues the trend of its previous increases, albeit marginal.

Internet Explorer is also continuing its trend of decline. The browser has seen its share fall to 18.95%, dropping by 0.22%. As more people upgrade to Windows 10, this number should continue to decline, as Microsoft Edge takes over as the default browser for many.

Despite this, Google Chrome is still the web's most favourable browser, remaining far ahead in the race with its 58.64% share, however, its increase was much smaller than previous months, at only a 0.11% increase.

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