This experiment gets to the dirty core of why Windows Phones have such a hard time selling

Neowin gets to the core of why Windows Phones have such a hard time selling

Brad Sams at Neowin has done an experiment to see how customer representatives from major telecommunications companies respond to Windows Phone. Brad went to three different carriers in the US and asked them for recommendations. Each carrier avoided Windows Phones and tried to sell Brad an iPhone.

Each interaction started with Brad saying he is looking to buy a new smartphone and that this purchase would be his first smartphone. When talking to AT&T and Verizon, he mentioned he was looking at Windows Phone. Verizon said they would not recommend Windows Phone and Brad should consider getting and iPhone. AT&T mentioned all their phones can browse the web and download apps, but then suggested an iPhone. Sprint, who has a horrible Windows Phone portfolio, said the Galaxy S5, the HTC M8, and the LG G3 are the best phones released in 2014.

This should not be surprising to any Windows Phone user who have been in a store and asked about a Windows Phone device. I was questioned by Verizon when I purchased my HTC 8X, if I was sure that I wanted a Windows Phone and if I had seen the new iPhone.

Recommending phones for customers is no easy task. Any issue the customer has with their phone will reflect poorly on the customer service rep who made the recommendation. However, Windows Phone is a good, solid OS and it is not being represented fairly to most customers.

Now, these few reps are not an overall representation of their respective carrier, but it sure does come across quite negative. How do these carriers really feel about Windows Phone? What are reps being told internally about Windows Phone? Or is this just a simple case of reps who were pushing a platform they were familiar with. Who knows.

Have you had this experience when purchasing a new smartphone? Did a customer rep ever recommend a Windows Phone to you? Do you work for a wireless carrier and do you recommend Windows Phones? Let us know in the comments below!

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