Need cash? GameStop will buy your Xbox One Kinect for $32

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Need a little extra cash? Well, GameStop may have you covered if you own an Xbox One with Kinect and don't necessarily need the Kinect part. GameStop is offering $32 (or $40 in-store credit) for your Kinect, which can be sold to them at any store across the United States.

The Kinect for Xbox One was never greeted with open arms, many gamers didn't even want it in the first place, but when Microsoft announced that the Kinect would be bundled with the Xbox One, gamers had little to-no choice. A little over half a year later and Microsoft announce a Kinect-less bundle for the Xbox One, which pretty much kills the Kinect for developers.

The Kinect-less bundle is $399 compared to the $499 Kinect version, which means Microsoft is weighing the Kinect at a price of about $100. GameStop offering to buy your Kinect for $32 isn't too bad, although we think it could be a little better.

GameStop started buying Kinects yesterday, and we assume they're building stock to sell Kinect devices on their own. Microsoft is planning to sell the Kinect by its self later this year, so GameStop buying pre-owned Kinect devices could give them a leading edge. Will you be selling your Kinect?

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