Need a Halloween idea? Bing and Cortana have options

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In a post on the Bing Blogs, Microsoft looks to remind people of their services available through Bing and Cortana this Halloween. If you are undecided on what costume to choose, you can use Cortana through Windows 10, Windows Phone, and now on Android, to find your perfect costume or destination. If you are looking for something different from Google, Bing is another search engine that is available to find what you need for Halloween; from costumes to carving pumpkin ideas.
If you are at a Halloween party and you are waiting for more people to show up, Cortana has a horror guessing game that you can play. Just use open Cortana and use the phrase “guess the horror movie,” to start. Starting today in the US, UK, and Canada, Bing released a special “Spooky” theme for their web-based Bing Maps. Bing also plans to unveil a special Halloween-themed Bing Homepage to try to scare the living wits out of you, but it will only be available on October 31.

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