NCP releases its centrally managed VPN Client Suite for Apple’s Mac OS X

Comprehensive, fully automatic remote access solution for Apple computers

LONDON, UK., 28th March, 2011: NCP engineering GmbH announces the release of its centrally managed IPsec VPN Client for Apple’s operating systems Leopard 10.5 (Intel) and Snow Leopard 10.6. Mobile employees using Mac OS X are now able to access the company network remotely – no matter where they are: one click is sufficient. The NCP Secure Enterprise Management System monitors and controls the fully automatic remote access VPN.

NCP provides you with a VPN client suite that is easy to handle and offers features that exceed the possibilities and features of common VPN clients by far. For example NCP’s VPN client offers an integrated personal firewall and NCP’s VPN Path Finder Technology, on top of that it supports strong authentication as well as “FIPS inside”. The NCP Secure Enterprise Management software is the virtual private network’s “single point of administration” – this means, combined with NCP’s VPN client suite, it offers all features and automatisms for rollout as well as for certificate, change and security management. In addition, various network access control features monitor network access of the end devices.

Facts and highlights:

– NCP’s Secure Enterprise Mac client can be managed centrally.
– The central remote access management also controls the integrated, dynamic personal firewall.
– “Friendly Net Detection”, which provides automatic recognition of friendly and unfriendly, i.e. insecure, networks, activates the firewall rules needed.
– The innovative NCP VPN Path Finder Technology allows for a secure data connection even in situations where no IPsec VPN connection was possible beforehand – behind firewalls, whose port settings generally denied IPsec communication (e.g. in hotels or at other public hotspots).
– Comprehensive NCP features protect access to your company network.

Further information:

– Learn more about the universal NCP VPN client at:
– Click the link to view a screenshot of the NCP Secure Enterprise Mac Client:
– Read our blog VPN Haus

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