NBC Universal takes control of MSNBC after 16 years

NBC Universal has bought the 16-year old venture news website owned by Microsoft. The financial terms were undisclosed, but the selling has allowed Microsoft to try something new. No word on exactly what Microsoft is planning as a replacement to the site.

NBCNews, formerly MSNBC,has announced that they have successfully purchased MSNBC from Microsoft after being owned by Microsoft for 16 years. Launched 16 years ago yesterday, MSNBC was a seperate website for all of the NBC news articles and multimedia arranged by Microsoft using the expertise and easy use of the web. Microsoft has since sold it to NBC Universal so they could “go out and innovate” according to Bob Visse, the manager of MSN.

While it may no longer be owned by Microsoft, NBC will still provide news for MSN.com and other websites Microsoft has. MSN.com is reportedly hiring for a new news operation in the works. That, so far, is unnamed. “If you start thinking about what we’re going to be doing in Windows 8 and the Bing app and what we’re going to be doing … across the multiple platforms, it makes a lot of sense for Microsoft,” Visse said.

According to what Visse had said, it makes sense Microsoft is trying to shift towards having their own “thing” as Windows 8 comes out. We have seen how Apple is making its own versions of apps without relying on other companies, such as Google Maps, and here we see Microsoft doing it. It was also said that because of the political voice of the TV network, that it could be “bleeding into their brand” and they didn’t want political view determining what kind of company they are.

For the time being, Microsoft will still continue to host the site until NBC can find office space in the area to host. For now, and for a long time, the website will still “have a strong precense in Seattle.”

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