NBC discontinuing its Breaking News service and all of its Windows 10 apps

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NBC News has just announced that it will not only be discontinuing support for its Breaking News apps but also the entire service as a whole. The reason for the closure appears to be due to its inability to earn enough revenue to justify its running costs.

The head of the NBC News Digital Network, Nick Ascheim, said of the decision, “Unfortunately, despite its consumer appeal, Breaking News has not been able to generate enough revenue to sustain itself.” The site’s general manager, Cory Bergman, echoed his statements in a series of tweets on Twitter. “We’re true believers of news that isn’t designed for clicks, but a service that helps people and companies make smarter, safer decisions,” he said. “As we discovered, such a model doesn’t fit with advertising, and despite a surge of interest in our premium data, the money has run out.”

Breaking News will shut down completely at the end of December 2016 and its Windows apps will naturally cease to function properly. Are you disappointed to see this service go? Let us know in the comments below.

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