NBA 2K16 dribbles its way on to Xbox

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NBA 2k16

A couple of months ago WinBeta reported that Xbox owners could pre-order NBA 2K16 and doing so would get net some special features such as early digital downloading and virtual currency. That pre-order window has now closed as the game has now been released for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

As with most sports franchise games, this latest one boasts better graphics and smoother animations. NBA 2K16 also allows players to guide a digital player through the NBA ranks.
There’s even a special edition, only for the Xbox One called NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Special Edition that brings with it in-game rewards. The concept of Michael Jordan Special Edition is to outfit your digital player in Michael Jordan style clothing. The rewards also include the following:

  • 30,000 Virtual Currency
  • MyTEAM VIP+ Packs, featuring 3 Emerald Packs
  • Special Edition Exclusive Moments Card

If you’re a fan of the franchise and own a Xbox, this probably should be on your wishlist if you haven’t already pre-ordered it. The game can be bought using the links below.

NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Special Edition

Purchase NBA 2K16 for Xbox One

Purchase NBA 2K16 for Xbox 360