Navigon app for Windows Phone gains panoramic 3D views in new update

Navigon for Windows Phone gains panoramic 3D views

As you have your phone with you all of the time, it makes sense to use it for as many different tasks as possible. Rather than carrying around a dedicated satellite nav unit, why not turn your Windows Phone into your personal helper to get you from place to place. Navigon has proved a popular choice for some time now, and there is now a new option available to anyone willing to part with the cash.

Feel as though your panoramic views just aren’t three dimensional enough, or your 3D view are not quite panoramic enough? The latest update to Navigon’s Windows Phone app should see you right. Version 4.9 of the mapping software hit the Store.

The changelog is pretty short — just bug fixes, an update to the EULA, and a new in-app purchase. But actually, it is the in-app purchase that is of most interest here, assuming you are willing to part with an extra $10.99 you can add a new 3D panorama view option to the app.

There are three different versions of the app available, each covering a different part of the world. The US edition costs $49.99, the European edition is $99.99, and the Australian version is $59.99.

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