National Geographic uses a Lumia 950 to capture the beauty of the Northern Lights

From Rio de Janeiro, Mount Everest, Victoria Falls, and even the Great Barrier Reef, Stephen Alvarez has been using his Lumia smart phone to document the wonders of the world. Despite the challenges of each location, each time he produced National Geographic-quality images using only the Microsoft device. With those projects behind him, Stephen recently took to the Arctic Circle in Northern Finland for a new adventure to capture the natural wonder of the Northern Lights. 

Unlike his other projects, The Northern Lights are the only natural wonder that is a phenomena rather than a location. The solar storms which cause the lights are unpredictable, and the extreme cold, low light, and bad weather make shooting the phenomena very difficult.

As Microsoft's Devices Ambassador, Stephen was up for the challenge. In the blog post describing the experience he says:

This wasn’t just procrastination. As Microsoft’s Devices Ambassador, I knew Microsoft’s camera phone technology was advancing at a fantastic pace. Once I got the Lumia 950 in my hands, I was pretty sure it was capable of capturing a natural phenomenon that happens only at night.

One night when the temperate was at 40 degrees below zero, he finally saw the Northern Lights from horizon to horizon.  Using the Lumia 950 on a Tri-pod, he set the ISO between 100 and 400, and the exposure to four seconds and began shooting.

The Aurora Borealis dances in glowing green spirals above treetops near Levi, Finland. Shot with Lumia 950, by Stephen Alvarez.
The aurora borealis dances in glowing green spirals above treetops near levi, finland. Shot with lumia 950, by stephen alvarez.

What you see above were his final results.  Believe it or not, his experience is proof that the photo was taken all on a Microsoft Lumia device! So, if you think the photo is amazing, you can visit his blog to download the photo in high resolution. While you are there, you can also check out his other projects and download other images from his visits from locations across the world.

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