NASCAR's Hendrick Motorsports prepares for Daytona 500 with help of Windows 10 PCs, Surface

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The start of the NASCAR season is just a few days away and many teams are already preparing for the Daytona 500, one of the biggest races of the year. Hendrick Motorsports, which is a Microsoft partner, recently took to their Facebook Live to share more about their preparation process, and Windows 10 devices and Surface just so happens to be a huge help.

Hendrick Motorsports' famed #24 team shared the video, showing fans how the team passes data around and gets ready before hitting the race track. At the 54 second mark in the video, William Byron, driver of the #24 car for 2018, shows off his Microsoft Surface Laptop, saying that it has all of his notes from test sessions. You can also see that he's clearly using OneNote, which is a nice plug for Microsoft.

As the team passes the camera around, you can spot many Windows 10 PCs, particularly one big HP laptop which a team member uses to outfit Byron's Surface with the information he needs to go to the track with. Some other team members are more traditional though, takes notes with pen and paper, handling more technical or engineering areas of the including shocks and suspension.

It's definitely cool seeing this type of internal access and seeing Microsoft tech being used inside the team.  Have you ever seen Windows 10 or Surface being used in sports or on other big stages? Let us know your thoughts below.

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