Nadella: I'm the boss of Microsoft, Bill Gates just helps out

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Nadella: I'm the boss of Microsoft, Gates just helps out

When Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates decided to step down as Chairman and contribute more to Microsoft in an advisory role, many of us weren't sure what exactly Gates' role would be seeing as how the company had just appointed Satya Nadella its new CEO. More importantly, we wanted to know who would be the actual boss -- or who would have the final word on things. The answer is Satya Nadella. At the Code Conference, Satya Nadella said that he runs the show, and Bill Gates is there to help out. 

“I run the place,” Nadella said, speaking to interviewer Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg. “Bill's helping,” he added. Gates is helping the company rethink some of its strategies, including the Office productivity suite.  “He’s got some specific interest in Office and how to reinvent it,” Nadella said.

Nadella knows the value of having the company's co-founder around. There are only a few things a CEO can do, while a founder will have a different sort of impression on people, Nadella added. Furthermore, he said that he listens to what Gates has to say. “He’s got an agenda which I subscribe to.”

“I think Bill’s presence, Bill’s push, Bill’s high standards are helpful,” Nadella concluded.

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