Nadella admired by many Microsoft employees regardless of recent company layoffs

Nadella admired by many employees regardless of layoffs

A few weeks ago, Microsoft laid off 18,000 employees, the largest amount in the Company’s 39-year history. Business Insider was told by a source that the massive layoff was indeed a shock but, none-the-less, most employees are still satisfied with how Satya Nadella is running the show and it didn’t take long before work was back to normal at the company.

Although only one source provided this information regarding the employees’ satisfaction with Nadella, Glassdoor, which is a job-hunting site, gave data to support this information showing that Nadella has 87% for an employee approval rating. The majority of people affected by Microsoft’s lay off were the employees of Nokia since they were recently acquired by the company.  Microsoft had no intention of making feature phones so persons working on those devices felt the heat the most.

It is believed that buying Nokia was Microsoft’s best option in a post-PC world since they were the only manufacturer making solid Windows Phone devices.  If Microsoft had not purchased Nokia, there would be no telling how far into the Android market the company would have ventured and it would have negatively affected Microsoft.

On day one, 13,000 jobs were cut.  The rest is said to happen over the next six months said. Nadella reorganized the units he was already running which were the Cloud, and Server & Tools units.  The test engineers especially in the Windows units were of the highest in employees to lose their jobs. China and India are also countries that could have workers being laid off as well.

Jerry Berg who was a Microsoft employee that was laid off released a video that is 20 minutes long discussing his feelings surrounding the situation. You can watch that video below, if you haven’t already seen it.

Nadella is supposed to adjust how each unit is structured unlike the single structure which was spread across multiple units by Steven Sinofsky.  This change eliminates having three orders set up as Program Manager (the person who decides features, writes specifications), Developer (creates the features), and Tester (makes sure developers properly created said features).

Windows Phone unlike other units is least affected by these lay-offs.  Joe Belfiore is said to be working on some design elements for Threshold which is to be Windows 9.  Windows 9 will build on Windows 8 and correct all its short comings especially in the design and touch areas.  The coming enhancements of Threshold will give rise to a touch version of Office which is also on it’s way.

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