Mystic Marbles, an addictive puzzle game, is now available for Windows Phone

Mystic Marbles

If you happen to be a Windows Phone user, looking for an addictive puzzle game to pass the time, open the Windows Phone store and search for Mystic Marbles. As a part of the game, all you have to do is match three similar marbles, and do as many as you can in 60 seconds. 

Try to get as many matches as possible in the given amount of time, and increase your multiplier, which means you will get a higher score compared to your previous attempts. It’s not just that, the game also offers multiplayer mode where up to four users can play the game on a tablet together, and compete with other. You can even go against your Facebook friends, and check who is fast enough to score the most points. As you level up, you also get to unlocked items which can boost your score — reminds me of Bejeweled and Diamond Dash, but they pack more punch in my opinion.

“Experience a completely new match-3 gameplay in this magical and addictive puzzle game! Play with up to 3 friends on one tablet at the same time! Match colorful marbles, increase your score multiplier and earn as many points in 60 blazing seconds as you can! Collect gems to use score boosting magic amulets and items, ” the app description says.

Here’s are the highlights of what the game has to offer as per Windows Phone Store:

  • New & Easy to lear way to match three
  • Local multiplayer for 2-4 players
  • Get high scores with special shapes, bonus marbles and score modes
  • Compete with Facebook friends and battle for the #1 spot 
  • Level up and unlock powerful boost amulets and magic items
  • Localized in-game texts 

Head over to the Windows Phone store and grab the app, it’s free.

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