Mysterious Windows Previewer Beta app appears in Windows Phone Store

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With the latest story in Windows Phone software development, Lumia Denim, coming to an end soon, it has seemed for a while that all excitement around the platform would die off, at least until later in the year, with the release of Windows 10.

Exacerbated by reports that no new Lumia flagship devices would be arriving until the debut of Windows 10 (these handsets typically are used to push new software releases), fans of the platform have been, understandably, a little morose.

Of course this has changed in the last week, with rumors that Redmond has been working around the clock, moving beyond "Microsoft time" and making a push to have certain things ready by the firm's upcoming event, happening on January 21st. Speculation abounds that the first major push for Windows 10 will be made on mobile, and while that is not yet verified, the upcoming event will no doubt host a number of developments on the topic.

As many of you will no doubt know, Microsoft has run its 'Preview for Developers' program for quite some time, allowing users, with a minimum of effort, to access the latest builds of Windows Phone on their devices. With the appearance of the "Windows Previewer Beta" in the Windows Phone Store (currently a private app) it seems as though Microsoft may be taking this route once more. This comes in the wake of the earlier release of the 'Phone Insider' app on the Windows Phone Store last week. At the moment, the "Windows Previewer Beta" app is only available for internal use, with no word on when or whether it will become available to the wider public, though developer Jeremy Sinclair did manage to capture a number of screenshots, which he provided to Windows Central.

Windows previewer beta

As Gabriel Aul confirmed via his Twitter account however, the app will be a focus during the event, though he does not elaborate to include what this will regard.

It can be hoped that, after several weeks of confusion on the part of Windows Phone fans, these developments will lead to positive outcomes for the platform.

What do you think this app will turn out to be? Let us know in the comments below.

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