A mysterious Nokia device spotted in the wild could be the Lumia 830

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Lumia 830

Microsoft is working on a handful devices which will launch this year, ranging from entry-level to high-end devices. Previously, we heard that the entry-level Lumia Rock, which is expected to be the successor to the best-selling Lumia 520, will hit T-Mobile this summer. It's not just Lumia Rock; there are other devices in the pipeline, including the high-end McLaren device which is expected to hit retail by the end of the year, and will feature 3D touch features. Recently, some photos surfaced from Chinese microblogging website Weibo, which shows another mysterious Windows Phone device, believed to be the Lumia 830.

The leaked roadmap had two mid-range devices as well -- Superman and Tesla -- and there's a chance we may be looking at either one of them. There's no confirmation, but the folks at WPDang say, citing their sources, that it's the Windows Phone 8.1-powered Lumia 830. The same source also revealed the alleged Lumia 830 will make its first appearance in China soon.

It's interesting to note that it features a similar aluminum frame with a polycarbonate body as the Lumia 930. It's not just the frame, the back side of the device rocks a big camera sensor, which looks quite similar to the Lumia 1020, but we doubt it's the successor of the camera-centric smartphone -- McLaren is rumored to be its successor though. Another thing to note here are the capacitive navigation keys. Microsoft replaced the capacitive keys with on-screen buttons in the latest OS. 

Let's just take this with a pinch of salt as there's a chance we could be looking at fake images. However, considering how many unannounced devices popped up on Weibo, there's a possibility it could be real. What do you think? 

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