Musical artist Nate Mars uses Surface Book for enhanced creative productivity

Kit McDonald

Microsoft often spotlights creators and innovative individuals that can showcase the company’s products. Today, the Microsoft Devices blog introduced Nate Mars to their readers. Nate is a music producer and sound designer that also doubles as a marketing consultant. Thanks to his love of music and technology, he has embraced the flexibility of Microsoft’s Surface Book, a device was given to him by the company for his various appearances.

Nate Mars - Music Producer, Sound Designer and Immersive Content Creator
Musician Nate Mars.

When asked about how he feels about creating on the Surface Book, Mars responded:

One of my favorite things when it comes to creating on Surface Book is that your software just opens up and you can dive right in to any parameter faster than you can hit a combination of key commands or map parameters on a MIDI controller. I have also run a full live set recently along with a visual component on the same computer sent to a projector and everything runs smoothly.
With his next big event, he hopes to use the Surface Book as an easier way to back up a live vocalist he’s been working with. From one device, he’ll be able to control the visual background of the stage, assist the singer’s voice with some special effects, and add extra elements into the music–all with the ability of touch. “Instead of mapping a controller, I’m excited to be able to just trigger clips and edit audio via touch interaction on the fly,” Mars shared.
Mars also creates tutorials about producing music that hhe posts on for general consumption. Including the lesson about Producing Electronic Music in Ableton Live, a DAWS program that runs smoothly on Surface Book thanks to the processing power and responsive touch that the device offers.
If you’d like to learn more about Nate Mars and his musical endeavors, be sure to check out the most recent Microsoft blog post. Let us know in the comments if you’re using a Surface Book to help you be more productively creative.