Music app for Windows Phone now lets you add more songs to your playback queue, and more

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Music app for Windows Phone 8.1 now lets you add more to your playback queue, scroll through songs faster, and more

Microsoft has rolled out a new update to the Xbox Music app for Windows Phone 8.1. Last week we were expecting the fourth update to Xbox Music since the Developer Preview of Windows Phone 8.1 was released, but it was delayed until now.

This latest update bumps the version number to 2.5.3965.0 and comes with several new improvements. In the recent updates, we have got the Cortana integration with playlists, audio scrubbing, better sync across local, cloud content, and more. Here are a list of features added to this latest update thanks to user feedback:

  • Songs list scrolls faster.
  • You can now add more than 100 songs to your playback queue! This means that "shuffle all" will add more variety to your listening experience.
  • App and pinned tiles support custom backgrounds and theme colors.
  • Artist art backgrounds now load more smoothly.
  • Songs already in your collection can now be purchased.

Microsoft has mentioned that they are still working on Live Tile and Kid's Corner support for the Music app, along with a continued focus on stability and performance improvements. You can snag the updated app via the download link below.

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