MSN Weather app appears in latest Xbox One Preview update

Arif Bacchus

Updated on:

While it is already very much well known that Universal Windows 10 Apps will be heading over to the Xbox One, a very eagle-eyed Redditor has just spotted MSN weather in the Windows Store on the latest Xbox One Preview Update.

According to the Reddit user, the app apparently shows up in the “Ready to Install” list on the console, but can not be installed.  Windows Central, however, managed to download and install the app, but received multiple errors when tying to launch it. Regardless, this is not the first time in which this has occurred. Back in June, Redditor p4n0pt1c0n noticed what when he installed certain apps on his Windows 10 laptop (running the latest Redstone build) he got a popup on their Xbox One saying the app was ready.

This is still doubt a very interesting find ahead of the August 2nd launch of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. We would love to know your thoughts on this, so be sure to drop us a comment below!