CES 2015: MSI announces a range of new Windows 8.1 gaming laptops and all-in-ones

Joseph Finney

MSI announces a range of new gaming laptops and all-in-ones

At CES, MSI has announced a refresh of their gaming laptops and all-in-ones. Now at the top of the line, gamers on the go can have a mechanical keyboard, 32GB of RAM, and dual GPUs starting at a whopping $3,400! From there, the laptops drop in specs and price hitting $2,000 for a laptop with a dock containing video cards, and for $1400 a lightweight and long lasting Apache series.

All-in-ones have typically been sold as computers for the whole family, but MSI has made one for gaming which is in the price range of $2000. Another all-in-one was also released which could have a range of uses for consumers or businesses. The AP16 Flex is only $500 and can be used as a typical PC, or a big tablet, or mounted on a wall. All of these products are available in January of this year, so start saving if you want a laptop with a mechanical keyboard.