Mozo to start shipping alternative covers for Lumia 950 and 950 XL

Email Twitter: @vulovestech Oct 19th, 2015 inNews

Unveiled as an official third-party accessories partner of Microsoft at its recent hardware event, Mozo Accessories has charmed everyone with its hip new covers for the new Lumia 950 and 950 XL, proving that while the original design of the phones are spartan, complete eye-catching transformation is only a back swap away. And now the company has announced shipping date for its cover, reports Neowin.

The date appears as small text in Mozo’s online shop, and is set for 16th November. At this moment however, the back covers in brown for Lumia 950, and black and brown for Lumia 950 XL seems to be out of pre-order stock, with no designated date for when they will again become available.

All the color options available: black, brown, red, white.

All the color options available: black, brown, red, white.

Neowin also cited WindowsCentral on the worldwide availability of the accessories, although the site is unsure of Microsoft’s position in the distribution. Additional non-leather cases from Mozo are also reportedly coming.

Mozo’s high-quality, premium covers for the new Lumia flagships are a noticeable aesthetics upgrade from the ones provided by Microsoft, (the lack of the shiny Microsoft logo may be objectionable to some; future iterations may fix this however) while losing none of the functionalities of the original, including Qi wireless charging and NFC. Price will be an uniformed 48.50 € (about $55.00).

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