Mozo Accessories selected as official partner for upcoming Lumia case designs

Staff Writer

Mozo Accessories is a small Finnish company that makes smartphones accessories. You could be forgiven for not having heard of the company, as it has historically targeted Lumia phones, which aren’t exactly the most popular phones on the market currently. Hopefully, that changes with the new lineup of Lumia flagships shown off yesterday.
At the epic Windows 10 Devices event yesterday, it was announced that Mozo is now an official Lumia partner. Mozo is now developing case designs for the upcoming Lumia phones: the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, and the Lumia 550. According to Mozo itself:

Mozo Accessories was selected as an official partner of Microsoft. That’s why most of our products are designed to work especially well with genuine Lumia mobile devices. You’ll recognize these accessories from the WORKS WITH LUMIA

The new Lumia flagships 950 and 950 XL, in addition to removable batteries, also feature replaceable backplates, which makes aftermarket customization for makers like Mozo Accessories trivially easy.
mozo_redIt also allows the custom backplates to fit in perfectly with the rest of the phone. Speaking personally, I dislike aftermarket cases because they tend to add bulk and take away from the intricate beauty and thinness of the phone. They also tend to add noticeable weight to the phones as well. I am excited about these replaceable back plates as they allow users to add a personal touch to my devices while maintaining the sleek, factory engineered form factor.
It’s worth noting that these custom back plates do not interfere with the wireless charging or NFC capabilities of the upcoming Lumia devices.
Another note is that Mozo Accessories is also building back plates for the Lumia 550 as well.
It’s very exciting to see a case maker target Lumia phones specifically; something that hasn’t happened all too often in the past. Be sure to pay close attention to future Mozo accessories when you purchase your Lumia devices.