Mozilla showcases Metro Firefox prototype for Windows 8

Mozilla is finally one step closer to acheiving its plans for having a Metro style Firefox browser for Windows 8. In a new blog post, Mozilla showcases the new prototype for the Metro Firefox interface and it looks promising.

“As of last week, we have a working browser in Metro. It currently looks and feels the same as the Android browser. You can navigate the web, create tabs, bookmark pages, build history, retain cache, adjust preferences, and more. I don’t consider that 2012 Q2 goal met yet, we still have some open design questions, and a ton of platform integration work to do,” Mozilla stated in the blog post.

Mozilla has also implemented the Windows 8 Search Charm with Metro Firefox, which now allows a user to search using Metro Firefox simply by hitting the Search Charm.

Mozilla is still working on how they want to proceed with this Metro interface and expect to hear more about this soon.

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