Mozilla releases Firefox 16.0.1 after a vulnerability was discovered with 16.0 release

Just recently, Mozilla released it’s Firefox 16 internet browser to the masses. Unfortunately, Mozilla immediately pulled the release after the company discovered that a vulnerability could allow a malicious site to determine which websites users have visited and have access to the URL or URL parameters.

“Mozilla security researcher ‘moz_bug_r_a4’ reported a regression where security wrappers are unwrapped without doing a security check in defaultValue(). This can allow for improper access to the Location object. In versions 15 and earlier of affected products, there was also the potential for arbitrary code execution,” Mozilla stated. On top of that, there were three other vulnerabilities that were discovered, including two bugs that would cause a large number of crashes. Mozilla has fixed these vulnerabilities and offered a re-release of Firefox 16, which you can grab via the download link below.

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