Mozilla Firefox will now provide enhanced tracking protection by default

If Google Chrome has long passed Firefox in terms of popularity, the latter remains a solid web browser which is now looking to stand out with better privacy features. Today, Mozilla announced that Firefox will now provide Enhanced Tracking Protection to all new users by default, which will block known third-party tracking cookies when browsing the web.

“Enhanced Tracking Protection will be practically invisible to you and you’ll only notice that it’s operating when you visit a site and see a shield icon in the address bar next to the URL address and the small “i” icon. When you see the shield icon, you should feel safe that Firefox is blocking thousands of companies from your online activity,” the company explained in a blog post.

If you’re already using Firefox as your default browser, Mozilla says that Enhanced Tracking Protection is currently opt-in, but it will be turned on by default for all existing users in the coming months.

Mozilla Firefox will now provide enhanced tracking protection by default - - June 4, 2019

Firefox will be using the Disconnect List to provide its Enhanced Tracking Protection on Firefox. For those unfamiliar with Disconnect, the company offers a popular browser extension for visualizing and blocking the invisible websites that track you across the web. For the anecdote, the company was actually co-founded by a former Google and DoubleClick engineer who wanted to stop Google and other tech giants from tracking your data.

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