Mozilla Firefox 8.0 Beta 3 Released

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Oct 13th, 2011 inNews

Mozilla has released a new beta build of its popular Firefox browser. This time, we get to play with beta 3 of the upcoming Firefox 8. This new browser gives us better security measures and a few noticeable features.

Firefox 8 now has a new add-on compatibility assistant that will launched when you open up the browser after an update. It will disable the incompatible add-on and give you the option to selectively disable any other add-on.

Firefox 8 also prompts the user to allow the installation of an add-on via a dialog box offering a warning and other information. This pretty much changes the way Firefox handles third-party add-ons, for a good security measure.

This new version of Firefox also has a new option for speeding up browser loading, which is now accessible via the General tab of the Options dialog box. The browser will not automatically attempt to reload certain recovered tabs until those tabs are selected by the user.

There is a new History window that reveals a downloads option, which pretty much shows you what you have downloaded alongside what sites you have visited.

Keep in mind that not all add-ons will work with this beta release. Try it at your own risk!

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