Mozilla Firefox 6 Released Ahead of Schedule

Mozilla is currently on schedule to release Firefox 6 on August 16th but it looks like the final version has already been signed off and is unofficially available on Mozilla’s servers.

Mozilla is working on an accelerated release date for its Firefox browser which basically means we will see a new version of Firefox every six weeks. To put things in perspective, Mozilla released Firefox 4 on March 21st and Firefox 5 on June 18th. Mozilla plans to release Firefox 7 on September 27th.

So whats new in Firefox 6? Several noticeable changes are included including the highlighting of domain names in the browser’s address bar and reduced start-up time when users rely on Panorama, which is the browser’s multi-tab organizer. Firefox 6 is expected to bring better control over permissions, faster start-up times, faster performance in Linux, better plugin management, and HTML5 support. Firefox 6 Final does not bring any new changes to user interface but there are a ton of speed improvements compared to Firefox 5.

Since we are installing the final version of Firefox 6 before its official date, you will still see “Welcome to Firefox 6 beta” on the launch page. That page will be updated to reflect the final release soon enough.

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