Mozilla Firefox 10 to have silent update mechanism

Mozilla announced recently that the company was working hard on implimenting a silent update mechanism for its popular Firefox browser. Currently planned for Firefox 10, this new silent update mechanism would minimize the amount of time it takes Firefox to launch after downloading an update.

“At this point, we’re not quite sure which version of Firefox this will land in. We’re working to land it as soon as is safely possible,” Mozilla stated in an official blog post.

Mozilla hopes to minimize the amount of time it takes the browser to launch after downloading an update, as well as enhancing the way add-ons are checked for compatibility during the update process to avoid any warning messages.

Mozilla is trying to compete with Google’s Chrome browser, which already has the silent update mechanism. Mozilla originally tried to implement this feature back in Firefox 4 but ran into some problems.

Mozilla is hoping to incorporate this silent update mechanism in Firefox 10, which is slated for release in early 2012. However, plans can change and we might just see this feature in an earlier build or even in Firefox 11. Firefox is currently at version 9, Beta 2.

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