Mozilla demos new Firefox for Windows 8 Metro, reveals new start page

In a new video from Mozilla, the company have today revealed their progress on Firefox for Windows 8. The video shows a new start page, which has been designed around Metro, as well as some functions such as History or tabs. Firefox for Windows 8 is coming along nicely, but isn't complete yet.

Mozilla have said that the video is pre-release software and therefore is not complete, many things could change from now until we get to use it ourselfs.

The video demos some functions within Metro on Firefox, such as utilizing the Metro design language to program History, tabs and recent pages. All the features look very neat on Metro.

The browser is expected to include built-in Windows 8 support also, which means support for Charms settings and sharing. Firefox for Metro has not been given a release date yet, but is expected sometime this year.

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