Mozilla criticizes Microsoft’s browser security rating site

Earlier this week, Microsoft launched a new website that tests your browser for security measures and offers you a score between 0 and 4, with 4 being the most secure. Mozilla is now criticizing Microsoft’s attempt in wooing users to Internet Explorer, claiming that Microsoft’s browser lacks a lot of security features compared to Firefox.

Apparently, those that run the test will always see Internet Explorer score a 4, and other browsers like Firefox and Chrome, score less. The test, which is available at, highlights the danger of using outdated and insecure browsers.

Mozilla’s Johnathan Nightingale, who is the company’s director of Firefox engineering, stated in an email that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is “notable for the things it fails to include.”

“Mozilla is fiercely proud of our long track record of leadership on security. We believe that being safe on the Web means having a robust browser that defends against malware and phishing, includes new technologies to help sites and users secure themselves, and a responsive security team that gets security updates out quickly and reliably. [Internet Explorer] is more notable for the things it fails to include,” Nightingale stated.

So what does Internet Explorer fail to include? According to Nightingale, IE lacks three things. HTTP Strict Transport Security, Do Not Track, and patch response time.

Keep in mind, Mozilla updates Firefox with security patches every six weeks, while Microsoft takes two months to fix Internet Explorer flaws.

Google has yet to issue a response to Microsoft’s security test.

What did you guys score? Let us know in the comments below.

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