Mozilla looking for new opportunities with Firefox browser planned for Windows 10

Firefox for Windows 8

Mozilla is planning a browser for Windows 10, which is pretty surprising considering just last year the company said it would stop working on its touch-based browser for Windows because of low adoption. Luckily, they didn't get rid all that hard worked code, as the company is attempting to reuse a significant amount of it.

Mozilla mentioned in a one of their blog posts, that it was working on a browser for more platforms such as Windows 10 and iOS. The company didn't provide any details, but excepts that the new browser will be independent and perform well and will be an alternative to a stock web browser.

Being present in the Windows Store and potentially highlighted to 1 billion users may be good for Mozilla browser efforts. Mozilla's browser has declined 42% in usage usage over the last two years, although it has remained a steady 12% usage in 2015. Maybe the new Firefox browser for Windows 10 will gain in popularity if the browser is quick and powerful, and a good alternative for other touch-based web browsers in the Windows Store. 

Editor's note: Image above is of Firefox for Windows 8, a project that was canceled by Mozilla back in 2014.

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