Movies & TV app for Windows 10 gets new improvements in latest update

Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix and the Movies & TV app

The Movies & TV app (or Films & TV in some regions) has updated with some visual changes that make it a little clearer on how to buy more episodes in a TV series.

When Microsoft launched Windows 10, they essentially moved all digital content purchases to the new unified Windows Store app. Basically, Windows 10 users can now buy apps, video games, music, movies, and TV series all from within the one app. While this can be convenient for users who are going on a targeted shopping spree, for some people it’s created confusion when they feel like watching a movie, open the Movies & TV app, and can’t see where to buy or rent the latest release (even I admittedly do this on occasion).

Since the launch, Microsoft has consistently updated the Movies & TV app to improve its functionality and has added features such as movies and TV show suggestions and promotions to the app, which open the Store app once clicked, and full TV series listings for shows that the user may own just a few episodes of.

Movies & TV app in Windows 10

Movies & TV app in Windows 10

With the update today, bold clear ‘Buy’ buttons have been added next to TV episodes that users don’t own. The buttons unfortunately still don’t let users buy directly from within the app (it opens the Store app) but overall it does help advertise to those unfamiliar with Microsoft’s business methodology that there is more content available. It does make one wonder if eventually Microsoft will enable media purchasing from within Movies & TV as well as the Store app.

This update also fixed several bugs and improved the way the app deals with low memory on devices.

Do you enjoy using the Movies & TV app? What changes would you like to see made? Would you like to buy media from within the app? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below.

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