Do you have movie star looks? Bing matches you to Oscar nominees with

Are you looking for some celebrity fun ahead of the Oscars this weekend? Do you want to tell your friends that you look like your favorite Oscar nominee? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Microsoft and Bing have the website just for you.

Using Bing's new image search experience,,  you can now upload a photo of yourself to get matched with an Oscar nominee and three additional celebrities.

The matches are based on facial structure, such as jawline, eye spacing, and nose shape, so that means that your matches might come from a mix of genders and races.

The technology behind the website uses both the largest vision-recognition engines in the world and the perceptual intelligence capabilities of Cortana Analytics.  The engine essentially takes celebrity faces already on the web and links them to both the Bing Satori Knowledge graph, and the Image graph, which provides information on visual features of the image.

How CelebsLike.Me works
How CelebsLike.Me works

While the use of the technology for matching faces to celebrities might come across as silly for some, it still represents a step forward in technology. The engine uses learning technology to simulate human behavior and build and expand on the appearance of a huge number of celebrity images.

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