Movie Maker 8.1 gets new UI, now lets you upload videos to Instagram and YouTube

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Movie Maker 8.1 gets new UI, now lets you upload videos to Instagram and YouTube

Popular video making app, Movie Maker, which was available for free last week, has snagged a major update today. The chief new features include the ability to upload videos on Instagram and YouTube. The other noteworthy change -- which users won’t see in the update -- is how open Movie Maker has become with other platform developers.

Bumping up the version to, the app has revamped its user interface with a two-level user interface and tool categories. There are several more additions, which you can find below:

  • Ability to upload your video to Instagram
  • Ability to upload your video to YouTube
  • Zoom and Rotation Transition
  • Downloadable Music track library
  • Import / export to Live Movie Maker final -- Share your work to the desktop via official app over Wifi.
  • There is "Unlock code" page, as well as "Extra content" that lets you enter the promotional code and discover more IAPs (which I saw on WPCentral).

The ability to upload videos to Instagram is available as an IAP (In-App Purchase) -- which means, that you will have to purchase it from within the app to access it. Also, do note, that you can try this feature, or any other IAP feature for once a day for a week for free. Time to fire up the Store and snag the update! You can also grab the updated version from the Download link below.

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