Mouse and keyboard support for Xbox “aren’t far away” according to Xbox head Phil Spencer

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Mouse and keyboard support for Xbox "aren't far away" according to Xbox head Phil Spencer

The Xbox One may be getting a bit more PC-like soon. In response to a comment that Windows 10 to Xbox streaming would require mouse and keyboard, Phil Spencer noted, “Yep, keyboard and mouse support for Xbox would need to be there for this to work, those aren’t far away.”

The Xbox One already features hardware that closely resembles a PC, specifically the x86-based CPU architecture. Add to that the fact that it will also receive Windows 10 (and at least some of the accompanying apps), and it might make sense for traditional PC input methods to be accepted.

Of course, this news shouldn’t signal that the Xbox One is going to stray from its game-centric roots, because in my opinion, they already tried that and failed. On the contrary, it seem that the system might get a bit more versatile. With added keyboard and mouse options, the Xbox One’s value proposition, when compared to the PlayStation 4 will certainly go up. If Windows 10 finds success, and that success translates well to the Xbox One, Microsoft may find its foothold in the living room getting stronger.

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