Motion Data update brings graphs, maps, and more to Lumia

Sean Michael

Motion Data Updated

Motion Data is a system app that allows those with a Lumia device that have SensorCore to track their movements. The app is not just limited to step counting, it tracks your location, measures steps walked, steps ran, distance biked, and distance driven. Each of these figures can be integrated with apps such as Fitbit, Squadwatch, and Run Rabbit Run to make a comprehensive set of data regarding your movements.

The latest update to the app includes UI changes and increases the amount of information the app delivers. It also has a recent places feature that allows you to see where you’ve travel Here’s the complete change log.

  • User interface redesign
  • See your activity graphically
  • See your places and routes graphically
  • Collect more detailed and accurate data
  • List installed apps that can make use of motion data

An example of Motion Data’s usability is that because Motion data access to my Fitbit, my step count from each day is tracked with the only pedometer I’m using being my phone itself. It’s not as comprehensive as a Microsoft Band or another fitness tracker but the seamless integration allows me to track my steps every day while only using an item I have with me at all times.