More Xbox franchises could see TV and film crossovers

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Image Credit: Quantum Break

In 2013 when Microsoft introduced the Xbox One, it did so alongside some new conceptual ideas of gaming and entertainment. Since then, Microsoft appeared to step back from the notion of combining traditional living room gaming and theatrical entertainment. Microsoft shuttered many of its TV and movie projects, publicly dedicated itself to gaming and rarely mentioned non-gaming entertainment for the Xbox. However, there is one project Microsoft is still very bullish on, Quantum Break.

With the 3rd person shooter and TV show mixed game receiving an official release date, head of Xbox, Phil Spencer is opening up a bit more about the future for similarly related projects. In an interview with BBC Newsbeat, Spencer commented on the likelihood of more game franchises making the crossover leap into film.

“There are certain franchises that we have that lend themselves to video, TV and even potentially movies… so I do think you’ll see more.”

While Spencer’s response was encouraging albeit a bit vague, Xbox fans should know the concept of medium jumping franchises is not a new endeavor for Microsoft. Microsoft has already produced two shows based on the popular Xbox franchise, Halo. The first being Forward Unto Dawn which launched a web series for Halo fans. The second, Nightfall, which is intended to coincide with upcoming Halo 5: Guardians game released later this fall.

Image Credit: Nightfall

Even though Microsoft closed its Xbox Entertainment Studios, the company has still managed to draw some impressive entertainment names to help bring their ideas to life. For Nightfall, Microsoft snagged Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg as an executive producer. The series is also scheduled to premiere on one of North America’s largest cable networks, Showtime. For its latest project, Quantum Break, Microsoft and game developer Remedy have tapped Game of Thrones actor Aiden Gillen and Sony’s Xmen franchise actor Shawn Ashmore.

While engaging a subset of a subset of people is going to be a tall order for Quantum Break and Microsoft to fulfill, it should remain encouraging that Microsoft is still thinking outside of the box. Perhaps, video game adaptations will help break the monotonous drone of comic book adaptions that have been in abundance recently.

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