More Windows 8.1 build 9385 screenshots leak, nothing too exciting

Windows 8.1 build 9385

More pictures leaked this morning of another build out in the wild, Windows 8.1 build 9385. While these images don't really showcase anything new and seem to continue the trend of "oh hey look another desktop screenshot", it does show development progress of the update for Windows 8.

Screenshots from various forums and news sites have been popping up showing Windows 8.1, but most recently, screenshots have come up of Windows 8.1 build 9385. The screenshot only shows the control panel window with the buildtag at the bottom of the screen. Another screenshot showcases the Settings Charm bar at the side of the screen.

It is purported that build 9385 is the build that contains the new Movie Moments App update, shown in a screenshot leak yesterday. Expect more pictures to be leaked throughout the day and lets all hope for a leak! 9385 is not the only build out in the wild; 9379 is rumored to be floating around the internet. So far, only three screenshots of build 9379 have been leak as opposed to the amount of screenshots of build 9385.

Windows 8.1 build 9385


On a popular Windows forum, a leaker released a genuine Windows 8.1 build 9385 setup.exe. The information for the executable file show the build version as 6.3.9385, as well as a legitimate digital signature. It is confirmed to be a x64 version of the file, as is the actual build shown in previous pictures.

We have been seeing frequent leaks of builds this month, which is great for those who are keeping track of build numbers and love to get their hands on a developmental build. Microsoft is expected to release a preview build of Windows Blue (Windows 8.1) at Build 2013 in June.

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