More Windows 8 post-beta details and screenshots leak onto the web

It’s been a fairly packed week for Windows details, just a few days ago we received some information on post-beta beta builds of Windows 8, which currently don’t feature any sufficient changes. Today, more info and screenshots have leaked, revealing more about these post-beta builds. have today revealed more information about the latest post-beta builds of Windows 8, which are builds compiled after the completion of the beta (The Consumer Preview).

Not much has changed since we last tested Windows, the start screen looks very similar, and shouldn’t actually change from now on anyway:

Windows Anytime Upgrade has made an appearance in these latest builds, since Microsoft are testing new SKU’s (versions) of Windows 8:

The System Properties info window has also seen the return of the old Windows logo, which is subject to change in future builds:

WinVer has also seen the return of the ‘Microsoft Confidential’ branding that was first seen in M1 builds of Windows 8:

According to the report, work on Windows 8 SKU’s is subject to change at anytime since it is rather early in development. Changes could include names and features. It has also been stated that it is too soon to tell whether certain Windows 8 builds will come with or without Media Center.

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