More Windows 8 Consumer Preview images and info leak, start button is no more

New images of Microsoft’s next operating system Windows 8 has leaked onto the web today, this time revealing some already talked about features from yesterdays image leak. The screenshots and info go into more detail about the taskbar and how it has changed from the Windows Developer Preview. The biggest change is that the start button is gone.

Today, new images and info have been leaked onto the web from the My Digital Life forums, revealing some already talked about changes such as the taskbar “dock” and removal of the start orb. Remember, these can be fake and therefore should be taken with a grain of salt.

The start button has been said to have been removed in the latest build of Windows 8. Yes, you would be right in saying the start button was gone from the taskbar, but it isnt gone from the operating system, instead it is now available as a thumbnail that you hover over.

An already seen screenshot of the transparent Charm Bar has again been seen in this new batch of screenshots, but with some more detail about how it works. The transparent Charm Bar will only appear when you place your cursor in either right hand corner of your screen.

Finally, the last screenshot to be revealed goes into more detail about the taskbar, which no longer includes a start button.

The info that was bundled with these screenshots are also interesting. There is a new start orb, Winver.exe has been cleaned up, and looks very tidy. Many new icons are also present in this build, but none are updates for the desktop, just more Metro. The build also comes with lots of new start screen backgrounds. The touch keyboard has been updated with improved features for split mode.

Currently, there have been no updates to Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player, which were both rumoured to be Metrofied before beta. The Ribbon UI comes with better organization, and the build seems very stable according to the source.

This is all the information that was released at the moment, more info is supposed to be heading this way later today.

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