More rumors of 2013 release date for next-gen Xbox surface

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More rumors of Microsofts release date for the next generation Xbox have surfaced. The new rumors suggest that Microsoft have plans to launch the next version of the Xbox sometime in 2013.

These new rumors seem to have come from the Develop website which claim to have heard this release date from several unnamed sources in the gaming industry. One of the sources claims that one of Microsoft’s game studios, Lionhead is working on the game for the console with a codename “Fable Next.”

The article also claims that one of Electronic Arts internal development studios have what the artical calls “rudimentary Xbox console technology.” The article continues with reports from Epic Games next version of it’s Unreal Engine is being developed for the new Xbox, and could be released by 2014.

What are your thoughts on this? Will Microsoft release a brand new game console before 2015? Leave your thoughts below!

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