More images of the apparently cancelled Band 3 published

Dennis Bednarz

Microsoft Health Band 2 Updates Featured

The Microsoft Band 3 may have never been released, but that doesn’t stop it from showing up on the web, revealing once more what it looks like. Windows Central has obtained more pictures of the wearable, seen below.

The images show the device from different sides and compares it with the Band 2. The Band 3 would have been slimmer and waterproof, but work on the latest Band has apparently ceased, marked by the death of the Microsoft Band team.

Interestingly, the Band 3 is shown running a skin that looks a lot like the Metro design from Windows 8 and not the new MDL2 language that newer Microsoft products usually use.

Some other cool things are that it would keep track of your swimming and have both EKG and RFID tags present. As Windows Central explained, EKG is a sensor that would allow for blood pressure monitoring, and that enables a lot of other features like being able to see stress levels, temperature, breaths per minute and the heart rate.

Unfortunately, just like the Surface Mini, it will most probably never be released.