More details surface about Sea of Thieves’ first expansion, The Hungering Deep

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While the Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive State of Decay 2 is fresh out of the oven, Sea of Thieves should once again grab the spotlight next week with the upcoming The Hungering Deep free expansion. Following the release of a cryptic teaser trailer last week, Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate finally revealed more details about this first content update yesterday.

Sea of Thieves received a lot of criticism for lacking a real story mode and a more detailed background story, and it seems that The Hungering Deep may fix this. Indeed, Merrick, a new NPC previously seen in the teaser trailer will guide players on the path to discovering the Hungering Deep. To keep players engaged, Neate also said that there would be limited-time rewards and cosmetics items to unlock, and Rare also plans to add weekly events after the launch of the free DLC.

The Hungering Deep won’t be available until May 29, but Rare also released the patch 1.0.8 for Sea of Thieves yesterday. This update brings a couple of new features including the the ability to discard voyages and set your aim sensitivity, as well as a new High Contrast ‘X Marks the Spot’ option in the Accessibility Settings for red-green colour blind pirates. We invite you to check the full release notes for Xbox One and Windows 10 on this page.

Last but not least, Rare is planning to bring back a “pionneer program” for testing upcoming updates with a limited pool of players. This will help to avoid unfortunate situations where Rare has to pull new features at the last minute due to bugs, as it was the case for the new new private crews feature last week.

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