More details about Photoshop CS6 revealed, Adobe offers sneak peak at features

Adobe's popular flagship digital imaging software, Photoshop, is set for an update with the upcoming Creative Suite 6.0 (CS6) and there are several new changes that are sure to create a buzz. Adobe is also offering a "sneak peak" at the upcoming release.

Photoshop CS6, which is set for release around May of 2012, now features a more Apple Aperture-like user interface. Of the new features to note, we get to see a darker interface theme, new 3D capabilities, autosave, and several tool additions. The new Photoshop theme replaces the light platinum look found in existing versions of the application. Of course, if you do not fancy the new look, Adobe is offering an option to revert back to the classic look.

Photoshop CS6 will also have a new feature called background save, which is responsible for allowing you to do other work while you save a large file.

Photoshop CS6 will feature a "Liquify" tool that is responsive and more powerful thanks to use of the graphics processing unit which now offers real time editing and virtually no lag. In other words, the image opens immediately in the Liquify filter, and the brush size goes beyond 14,000 pixels. On top of that, the application's interactive performance is snappy. Take a look at the demonstration:

Photoshop CS6 will get a feature designers have been waiting a long time for. Photoshop CS6 will finally have the ability to easily add a dashed or dotted line. Check it out:

In this video, we see a demonstration of a new tool that builds upon the idea of a "content-aware fill" that can automatically fill in a hole which was left when a portion of the image is cut out:

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