Moomin, Mozo join forces to introduce new stylish laptop bags

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Last week, we reported that stylish phone accessories maker Mozo was teasing an upcoming backpack line on its various social networks. The Finnish company has since shared more details with French website TheWindose, who revealed today that Mozo will introduce a series of “Moomin by Mozo” backpacks next week. For those unfamiliar, Moomin is popular franchise based on a series of books by Finnish author Tove Jansson featuring cute characters called Moomins or Moomintrolls. Moomin shopping bags and other accessories are already available to purchase on the official Moomin website.

Moomin by Mozo backpacks

According to the report, Mozo plans to launch its “Moomin by Mozo” backpacks through an IndieGogo campaign on February 20. The items will be in limited edition and available in both black and white, as you can tell from these first pictures. We’ll have more details about the designs, material and pricing next week, let us know in the comments if you want to know more about these backpacks.

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