Monsters Love Candy is a fun ‘swipe and match’ puzzle game for Windows 8.1


Monsters Love Candy is a fun 'swipe and match' puzzle game for Windows 8.1

Looking for a fun puzzle game to play on your Windows 8.1 or Windows RT device? Check out Monsters Love Candy. This simple game is free and features the old fashioned ‘swipe and match’ levels. Swipe and match candy and help the monsters evolve!

“Professor Brown has discovered adorable monsters that evolve when they eat candy! Travel the world in search of monsters in 70 levels and 5 locations, including forests, deserts, caves, and more. Use innovative new chain combo swipe and match gameplay to form fast and fun Big Chains! With only 60 seconds on the clock, can you master your monster’s special powers? Fun boosts: Sugar Bombs, Super Swipe, Star Blossom, and more!” the app description reads.

There are more than 70 levels in 5 world locations, with innovative new chain combo swipes and match gameplay. You can also earn Xbox achievements, customize and upgrade your monsters, challenge your Xbox friends, and even feature async multiplayer gameplay. The app also features easy touch and mouse controls.

The app is free and exclusive to Windows. Hit the download link below to snag the app and check out the quick video showcasing the game below. Let us know if you like it!